Investing in Munich, our way.

Together for the future of young people in Munich.

Munich’s Excellent Businesses 2020

Taking responsibility and initiating change for the better: As a family investor, social engagement is one of the central pillars of the value framework of Bregal Unternehmerkapital and is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Since 2015, we have been supporting the team of the organization “Dein München gGmbH” through the personal commitment of each and every one of our employees in order to support socially disadvantaged youths – currently as part of the project “Die Jugendbotschafter” (The Youth Ambassadors). We are very happy to have now been honored by the city of Munich with the “Münchens ausgezeichnete Unternehmen 2020” (Munich’s Excellent Businesses 2020) award for our commitment.

Our Responsibility

Young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are often faced with immense challenges – especially in regard to their access to education. Together with “Dein München gGmbH”, we want to address this issue and set a lasting example. In recent years, we were already able to coach many young people during several professional and educational workshops. With the current project “Die Jugendbotschafter”, we now aim to expand this initiative: The current focus of our cooperation with “Dein München gGmbH” and the youth ambassadors will be to support them via specially designed educational modules and in-depth training sessions to encourage and empower them to act as mentors, role models and motivators for other children and teenagers, inspiring them to take part in support and education programs as well.


Dein München gGmbH

In “Dein München gGmbH”, we have found a partner, who shares our values of social responsibility, integrity and personal engagement, and with whom we can realize a worthwhile goal: Supporting disadvantaged young people. “Die Jugendbotschafter” is a passion project for our entire team. It is great to see, what strong relationships and unique experiences have been created through our cooperation with “Dein München gGmbH” and the youth ambassadors. We are proud to be a part of this very special effort.