The right capital for real entrepreneurs: family-backed Unternehmerkapital

Successful entrepreneurs take a long-term, value-oriented and conservative approach to investment. The same principles apply to Bregal Unternehmerkapital.

Entrepreneurial capital for entrepreneurs: Bregal Unternehmerkapital

Bregal Unternehmerkapital advises funds that help entrepreneurial individuals achieve their business goals. The entrepreneurs we work with don’t manage for quarterly reporting cycles, but take a long-term view in pursuit of sustainable value. They deliberately choose to set up their own business, are excited by innovation and have the courage and decisiveness to drive the growth of their company. From our own experience, we know that long-term expansion strategies rarely produce overnight returns. It takes time, determination, perseverance – and committed financial support. In most cases, the funds advised by us invest in a company for a period of between five and seven years. There is also the possibility to partner with companies for ten years or more and provide additional capital for new growth opportunities as for example with our investment in novem. The financial stability of the portfolio companies is very important and therefore use of bank financing is made under conservative assumptions. We invest long-term entrepreneurial capital – Unternehmerkapital.

Most of the funding takes the form of equity capital, but sometimes it makes sense to use a degree of external funding. Our goal is to create the optimum capital structure to support the company as it implements its growth strategies – also with the aid of significant additional investment. While financial support is obviously important, we firmly believe that the most important capital for entrepreneurs is human capital and Bregal Unternehmerkapital provides its investments with more than just funding. We support companies with our long-standing financial expertise, extensive experience with core issues of succession planning , internationalization, product development, acquisitions, organizational professionalization and our broad network of entrepreneurs and industry experts.